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Best mom of the Year!

Hello friends, So my Mom was awarded best mom of the year for my bro’s high school! A ceremony was held to celebrate all the award winners from all the schools in Santa Ana. One of our guest speakers was our Senator Lou Correa. My mom received about 4 certificates signed by different people, one of them was signed by our Senator Lou Correa and the other was signed by our House Representative Loreta Sanchez, I thought that was pretty cool. Here are pics from the night, and I’ve got to admit that the typography in two of the awards were pretty impressive for your typical certificates 🙂








Anthony’s Birthday!

So it was my bf’s birthday on April 21st. and I wanted to make it special of course! He’s been asking me to make him something for a while now so I decided to paint him a painting for his birthday. I’m a perfect freak so after 3 paintings I finally chose the one I gave him. I drew his dream guitar (Gibson Les Paul Custom with Gold accents) with Prisma Colors and gold leaf on black paper. He’s a  musician and loves the beach so I painted waves in the background with music notes radiating out of the guitar. He also loves the work by Ralph Steadman, so I tried to give it a similar feel through freehand black ink drawings and paint splatters. Watercolor paint splatters has become a recent trend in my paintings so I was eager to incorporate it into this piece. Packaging was inspired by my friend Danni’s packaging posts on her blog:





Handmade gifts

so Sorry I haven’t had a chance to post, been super busy lately trying to get everything in my life in order, and finally getting through my to do list!

I recently went on a trip to Mexico for a little over a week. I will soon be posting pics of that as well 🙂

But for now I wanted to share with you a little something I made for my little sisters in Mexico. They are seriously the most adorable little girls ever. They kept me entertained throughout my entire visit. So recently I started making hand made clutches for my etsy shop, I was inspired after my friend danni got me a hand made clutch from madebyhank on etsy. And I thought it would be a lovely gift to give my sisters something I made instead of something I bought. And here they are:



And I leave you with a picture of my little sisters Esmeralda (age 7) and Zaira (age 10) and I from my last night visiting them: