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Green Logos

Ive been taking a business writing night class and tonight was our final presentation. We had to write a business proposal and make a powerpoint presentation. Of course I volunteered to design the powerpoint and logos and write the marketing strategy portion =) We decided that our products would be kid’s clothing for ages 5 and under, made with a mixture of organic cotton and hemp. Here are the logos I whipped out this past weekend for the powerpoint ( the 1st is for our independent line and the second is for our company brand) :



Thank you package



Hi fellow crafters, just wanted to show you guys a little Thank you package I sent out!

Materials: Martha Stewart Paper, Stamps, baker’s twine, watercolor paper, clear iron on paper, canvas, my computer + printer.

Thanks to Danni for inpiration, and letting me borrow her button maker and button graphics.

Also to this local stamp shop – I got my Logo custom made into a stamp in 24 hrs!

Flash Class Proj. 1


Hey guys and gals,

just wanted to show you what I made for my Flash class! Our project was to animate something and incorporate music. I actually made a different video with a similar design look but diff theme ( fashion – but i think I’m getting over that ). The first one was a little on the weak side; I had procrastinated on the project due to lack of inspiration and the fact that I went on vacation a week before it was due. But since I value my education and wanted to put some flash work on my design site ; ) — I went ahead and remade it ( oh yea, I’m also a little OCD ; ) and had to re-submit my proj. )

> MYE Animation

…now I just need to figure out how to get this video to work on my Dreamweaver……blah this is good enough for now =)

t shirts

So my friend danni invited me to a screen printing workshop. It was sort of a last minute invite so I made some quick designs for my bf and i the night before.

I decided i wanted to make something simple for myself, like just a word or design that i could screen on different things I was planning to take with me.

I asked my bf if he wanted anything and he gave me a description of something he had in mind, so i went ahead and made a quick design for him.

And this is what i came up with, too bad we didnt end up going, oh well maybe next time 🙂



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