Thrift Shopping

I need to stay away from Salvation Army! Ok every time I go into Good Will or Salvation Army I end up buying something. There are just so many cute things at such an awesome price! I think I went a little crazy this time cuz I hadn’t shopped in a while. My friend was threw a decades party last weekend and I wanted to see if my bf and I could find some fuckadelic 70s gear. Sadly we didnt find anything we could wear. However, my obsession for shoes and purses  made me look beyond the clothing isles… next thing I know I’m hauling all this stuff around and dropping it all on the floor to look at more stuff! (I can be a bit of a compulsive shopper at times) But it’s ok cuz I got some pretty cool stuff! These are some of the stuff I got on these last few visits:

Leather boots: $20

( more than I would usually drop at SA or GW but they were too cute to pass up!)

Nine West peep toe heels: $10

Super cute black 80’s heels were: $7

Everything else: under $5!!

I know such a good deal! At this rate I might start a new etsy shop for my more vintage finds ; )

BARGAIN + CHARITABLE = not so guilty indulgence :





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