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Best mom of the Year!

Hello friends, So my Mom was awarded best mom of the year for my bro’s high school! A ceremony was held to celebrate all the award winners from all the schools in Santa Ana. One of our guest speakers was our Senator Lou Correa. My mom received about 4 certificates signed by different people, one of them was signed by our Senator Lou Correa and the other was signed by our House Representative Loreta Sanchez, I thought that was pretty cool. Here are pics from the night, and I’ve got to admit that the typography in two of the awards were pretty impressive for your typical certificates 🙂








collage Design

found on Graphic Exchange – Discovery Channel: kinda scary, but I like the design approach; perspective type, paint splatters, and photos. The process is Illustrated below:






Heres to my current obsession. I think I want to date a vampire now ; )

I recommend the book, and movie. Once you start you cant stop, I swear! Your mortal bf might not be so perfect after you read this book…

Check out the soundtrack here.

Picture 2





Basic CMYK

Nadie Parshina






Thank you package



Hi fellow crafters, just wanted to show you guys a little Thank you package I sent out!

Materials: Martha Stewart Paper, Stamps, baker’s twine, watercolor paper, clear iron on paper, canvas, my computer + printer.

Thanks to Danni for inpiration, and letting me borrow her button maker and button graphics.

Also to this local stamp shop – I got my Logo custom made into a stamp in 24 hrs!

Flash Class Proj. 1


Hey guys and gals,

just wanted to show you what I made for my Flash class! Our project was to animate something and incorporate music. I actually made a different video with a similar design look but diff theme ( fashion – but i think I’m getting over that ). The first one was a little on the weak side; I had procrastinated on the project due to lack of inspiration and the fact that I went on vacation a week before it was due. But since I value my education and wanted to put some flash work on my design site ; ) — I went ahead and remade it ( oh yea, I’m also a little OCD ; ) and had to re-submit my proj. )

> MYE Animation

…now I just need to figure out how to get this video to work on my Dreamweaver……blah this is good enough for now =)

Thrift Shopping

I need to stay away from Salvation Army! Ok every time I go into Good Will or Salvation Army I end up buying something. There are just so many cute things at such an awesome price! I think I went a little crazy this time cuz I hadn’t shopped in a while. My friend was threw a decades party last weekend and I wanted to see if my bf and I could find some fuckadelic 70s gear. Sadly we didnt find anything we could wear. However, my obsession for shoes and purses  made me look beyond the clothing isles… next thing I know I’m hauling all this stuff around and dropping it all on the floor to look at more stuff! (I can be a bit of a compulsive shopper at times) But it’s ok cuz I got some pretty cool stuff! These are some of the stuff I got on these last few visits:

Leather boots: $20

( more than I would usually drop at SA or GW but they were too cute to pass up!)

Nine West peep toe heels: $10

Super cute black 80’s heels were: $7

Everything else: under $5!!

I know such a good deal! At this rate I might start a new etsy shop for my more vintage finds ; )

BARGAIN + CHARITABLE = not so guilty indulgence :